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ZIGBEE Development Kit

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[/one_fourth] [one_half] ZIGBEE Development Kit- Version 1
ZIGBEE Development Kit- Version 2
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The Zigbee Development kit is based 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant System-on-Chip, the CC2538/CC2650 from Texas Instruments. It acts as a ready platform to just get started with Zigbee or to build a ZigBee compliant product.

The Zigbee DK includes two sets of CC2538-based plugin module, carrier board, a USB interface dongle, cables, antennas and documentation to get you up and running with the ZStack from TI on the CC2538. The Zigbee DK is compliant with TI’s ZigBee Z-Stack supporting ZigBee, ZigBee PRO, and the Smart Energy and Home Automation application profiles.

7 (2)
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→ 2 CC2538 Plugin Modules
→ 2 Carrier Boards
→ USB Cables
→ Compliant with TI’s ZigBee Stack, Z-Stack (Downloadable from
[/tab_content][tab_content id=”3″]→ 2 CC2538 Plugin Modules
→ 2 Carrier Boards
→ USB Cables
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