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WiSense wireless module

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[/one_fourth] [one_half] WiSense wireless module- Version 1
WiSense wireless module- Version 2
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The zigB-Unimod is a configurable wireless ZigBee module that offers 4 differential analog input channels, 2 analog output channels, 4 digital
inputchannels and 4 digital output channels and provides a programmable analog input and output range. Each analog input channel can be configured to an individual range.
It comes in a rugged plastic casing with integrated antenna and inbuilt virtual com port.

A free Windows compatible GUI configuration utility is available. The utility allows users to set different configurations based on the type of application, together with several of required ZigBee variables such as module address, Pan ID, channel no,IEEE Address(if required), Clusters for I/P or O/P, Destination address and Destination endpoint.

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-> ISM 2.4 GHz license free Operating Frequency
-> Fully Compliant with 2.4G/ZigBee Specifications
-> Wireless Transmission Range up to 700m
-> Free GUI Configuration Software (Windows Version)
-> 4 AI, 2 AO, 4 DI and 4 DO Channels
-> Individual Channel Configuration
-> Mounting flanges for easy wall mounting
-> Temperature:-40°C –85°C
-> Wireless Protocol:ZigBee2007 / PRO Transfer
-> MAX Send current:34mA
-> MAX receiving current:25mA
-> Receiving sensitivity:-97dBm
-> Core: ZigBee certified Microcontroller from Texas Instruments.
-> Based on certified Zigbee Stack from Texas Instruments.
[/tab_content][tab_content id=”3″]→ zigB-Unimod module – Hardware.
→ User Manual in PDF format and zigB-Unimod Configuration Tool in a CD.

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