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Modbus RTU Ethernet / WiFi IoT Gateway

[one_fourth nr=”first”] vCAN UniMod Digital
[/one_fourth] [one_half] Modbus RTU Ethernet / WiFi IoT Gateway- Version 1

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The Modbus RTU Ethernet / WiFi IoT Gateway is a complete Plug & Play IoT device which enables any Modbus slave device(s) to be connected to the cloud server in minutes. There is no coding needed.
It comes with inbuilt Modbus Master capability and also other intelligence needed to communicate with any cloud server.
It is remotely configurable via our Web configuration portal for user settings such as Slave ID, Register Addresses, Data Type, Server URL, Data Transfer Rate, etc.
Even a technician can configure and get the automation running in minutes.
If Tangent IoT Cloud Platform is selected as the default Data Server, the User can visualise the Modbus Data in Tangent Cloud Dashboard with all high end RMS features like Dashboard, Monitor, Graphs, Auto Reports & Reports, Insights, and Rules/Alerts Tab.
vCAN UniMod Digital
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→ Modbus Port : RS232 or RS485(Half Duplex)
→ Modbus Connector : DB9
→ Internet Connectivity : Ethernet
→ Internet Connector : RJ45
→ Cloud Communication : TCP-IP/ HTTPS / MQTT*
→ Dimensions : 10.7 Cms x 8.7 Cms x 2 Cms
→ Enclosure : Plastic, 3D printed
→ Power Supply : 10 to 30 V DC Power Jack and 5V DC USB…3 A
→ GPS Support : YES
→ Remote Configuration : YES. via Web Configuration portal
→ Configurable Parameters: Modbus Slave IDs,Modbus register addresses,Data types,serial baud rate,data transmit rate,server URL etc
→ Mounting : Wall Mounting Flanges
→ Indications : LEDs for Power,Data Server, Internet, Config Server
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✔️ Modbus RTU Ethernet IoT Gateway – 1 Nos
✔️ Unlimited access to Remote Configuration Portal
✔️ User Manual in PDF Format

*️⃣Optional Items:

✔️ Power Adapter(12V, 3A) – 1 Nos
✔️ WiFi Dongle – 1 Nos

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Product Brochure

Cloud Server Brochure

Modbus RTU GPRS IoT Gateway Video