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Tangent Dashboard

Tangent Dashboard is a Cloud based Portal designed & developed specifically for Industrial IoT applications with all High-end Remote Monitoring features for Data Visualization to Intelligent Data Interpretations/Processing which helps from analyzing the trends to generating critical alerts of the connected system.


The Monitor Tab provides the complete information flowing from the IoT Gateway in raw format. The  Information displayed are Time Stamp, Device ID, Parameter Name & Value. It supports both Landscape & Portrait View of the Window.


The Dashboard Tab is a visual treat of the parameter data collected by the IoT Gateway. It supports an inbuilt standard Widgets Library with wide collection of widgets like Gauge, Speedometer & Text for displaying data and Slider, Buttons and Knob for output control.


The Graphs Tab is an Intelligent Data Analytics platform that helps to keep a track of the daily, weekly & monthly patterns of the connected system. It supports an inbuilt library of Graph patterns for precision analytics.


Alert/Rules is the most important feature in IoT systems to enhance the planning, execution of alternate backups and avoid failures. The users can define conditions for custom Alert/Rules based on the threshold sensor values, anomaly conditions, trend values, or prediction values.

The users can set Intervals based on the criticality of the application in the form of Email & SMS based Alerts.


Under Reports Tab the Reports can be generated for the field inputs of Device, Parameters, From & To Date. The reports are generated in Excel Format for the selected inputs.


Insights Tab provides widgets for data analytics. The user can carry out analysis & validation of the parameter data with the help of pie charts

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