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Auto Module

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Auto Module- Version 2
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The AUTO Module is a rugged, waterproof USB to CAN interface, with two analogue sensor inputs & a DC power input. The module is capable of operating either tethered to a PC, as a CAN bus interface, or as a standalone CAN bus sensor/simulator module, when powered from a 12 or 24V DC supply, such as a vehicle battery.
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→ Fully compliant with the CAN 2.0A & CAN 2.0B Bosch specifications
→ ISO 11898-2 (High speed CAN) physical interface
→ Module powered by USB or DC supply in the range 8-32V
→ DC supply input protected against 100V transients & supply reversal
→ 2 precision analogue inputs each with a measuring range 0-32V
→ Rugged waterproof enclosure sealed to IP66
→ 300V galvanic isolation barrier between the CAN bus & USB/Analogue/Power connections
→ Rugged CAN transceiver capable of withstanding 40V between CAN bus lines & ground
→ CAN baud rate adjustable from 12.5k to 1M baud
→ Recognises CAN data, remote & error frames
→ All CAN frames timestamped

→ Reports CAN bus status & internal status
→ Calculates average CAN bus load every second
→ 3 modes of CAN bus operation – normal, listen only & loopback
→ Supports low level CAN message filtering
→ Fully compatible with higher level protocols such as J1939, DeviceNet & CANopen
→ USB v1.1, 2.0 & 3.0 compatible
→ Internal firmware upgradeable from PC over USB
→ Complies with the requirements of the EU Directive 2004/108/EC on EMC
→ RoHS compliant
→ FREE CANdo AUTO Configuration software
→ FREE CANdo Application software

[/tab_content][tab_content id=”3″]→ CANdo Auto Module Hardware
→ CANdo Auto Configuration Software
→ CANdo Auto User Manual

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