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CAN Relay Module – CAN Bus

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[/one_fourth] [one_half] CAN Relay Extension Module – Version 1
CAN Relay Extension Module – Version 2
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This is a Relay Extension Module in form of PCB.
This CAN relay board allows expanding the number of outputs of the CAN Nodes by using the TTL CAN Extension Bus. It features 8 relay outputs. Multiple boards can be daisy-chained with use of a CAN bus for up to 80 additional outputs.

Above all TTL CAN-Relay8 has improved robustness against noise on communication lines. Another improvement over similar products are failsafe configuration options.

TTL CAN-Relay8 incorporates 8 electro-mechanical relays with terminals for NO, NC and common relay contacts. There is one green LED for power supply indication and 8 additional LEDs for relay operation indications. The device can be mounted to a standard DIN rail using the DIN rail mount adapters or directly via 4 mounting holes.

TTL CAN-Relay8 is available either with 12 V or 24 V relays.

It has inbuilt Isolated power supply block.
It provides >500V Galvanic Isolation between CAN connection and CAN Controller.

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→ Based on ADM3053 Chip
→ Power Supply Input – 5V
→ Galvanic Isolation – >500V
→ Daisy chaining of up to 10 TTL CAN-Relay8 boards from the single TTL CAN-ExtBus connector
→ 8 built-in electromechanical relays with NO, NC and common contacts
→ 5 wires board-to-board ribbon cable for connecting to master device or chaining
→ Daisy-chaining over CAN bus, allowing greater distances between each board in the chain with
much improved noise immunity
→ Prepared for DIN rail mounting with DIN rail mount adapter
→ Supports baud rate upto 1MBPS
[/tab_content][tab_content id=”3″]→ CAN Relay Extension module in form of PCB
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