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Automotive CAN Trainer Panel

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[/one_fourth] [one_half] Automotive CAN Trainer Panel – Version 1
Automotive CAN Trainer Panel – Version 2
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The Automotive CAN Trainer Panel is designed based on the Volkswagen CAN network system to demonstrate the structure and operation of the vehicle CAN network. This panel consists of electronic systems / Sub-systems such as ECUs, Instrument Cluster, Lighting controllers, motor actuators etc all arranged and interconnected using CAN Bus in similar way as done in real vehicle. Hence it provides a perfect platform for engineers / technicians / technocrats to learn & practice the working of vehicle CAN network systems.
This network of systems in the panel is powered by a 12V regulated power supply, which emulates the vehicle battery system. Using a power source instead of actual battery eliminates the need for battery charging in the training room / Lab, and hence allowing the personnel to focus on practice sessions without having to be concerned about battery charging and status. This also provides an easy and effective way to simulate battery under voltage, over voltage conditions as part of learning.
The back side of the panel has the cable harness necessary to connect together all individual systems as in real vehicle. Hence technicians can practice harness wiring/ rewiring of the harness system.
The panel also comes with necessary accessories/ tools needed to learn about trouble shooting, diagnostics of the real vehicle networks.
This trainer panel is designed to be very useful system for engineering colleges, corporate labs, startups, skill development centers, vocational training schools etc.
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List of Modules/ECU’s:
→ All ECU’s/ Modules are assembled in a work bench in order.
→ Immobilizer Control Module.
→ Brake Control Module.
→ Infotainment Module.
→ Engine Management System.
→ Door Control Modules .
→ Wiper Control
→ Instrument Cluster
→ Steering Control Electronics
→ Fuse Box and Descriptions
→ Wiring Harness to interconnect all modules in to a CAN network
→ 12 V Car Battery
List of Tools:
→ CAN Bus Analyzer
→ OBD Scan Tool
→ Oscilloscope with CAN Bus Support (Optional at additional cost)
→ Digital Multimeter (Optional at additional cost
→ Industrial PC (Optional at additional cost).
[/tab_content][tab_content id=”3″]→ Application Software.
→ USB Drivers for windows.
→ User Manual in PDF format.

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vCAN Application Software

vCAN Application Drivers

vCAN SDK pfd


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