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UniMod Evaluation Kit

UniMod Evaluation Kit


UniMod Evaluation Kit- Version 1
UniMod Evaluation Kit- Version 2

The vCAN Evaluation Kit acts an evaluation platform using which the vCAN UniMod based development can be carried on without the need for any other hardware.The vCAN-UniMod can be plugged on to the kit and its inputs & outputs can be configured and verified for desired functionality.This kit can also be used to develop customised versions of the vCAN-UniMod module.

→ Open-collector output driver for digital and PWM outputs
→ Terminal Connectors for inputs and outputs
→ On-board Switches for simulation of the digital inputs
→ Protection for digital inputs
→ LEDs for monitoring of Digital outputs
→ On-board potentiometers for simulation analog signals
→ Low pass and resistive divider for voltages > 5 V
→ Serial interface for firmware updates and configuration download
→ Operating temperature range from 0 to 85 °C

→ vCAN-UniMod
→ vCAN-UniMod Evaluation Board
→ Power supply Adaptor
→ vCAN CAN Bus Analyser – Optional
→CAN cable
→ vCAN-UniMod Configuration software for Windows®
→ User Manual in PDF format