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1. Electronic Product Design

Tangent TechnoLabs offers R&D and engineering services for product companies across verticals.Our team has excellent experience in Embedded control systems, Communication protocols, Wireless, Internet of Things (IOT), Consumer electronics, Automotive, Telecom and control systems industries.

We offer services in:

  • 8/16/32 bit Microcontroller based design
  • FPGA based design
  • CPLD based design
  • Wireless (RF) electronics systems design
  • Power supply design


2. Embedded System Design

Complete PDLC(Product Development Life Cycle) – from Requirement gathering to Testing and Delivery

  • Microcontroller and Component Identification
  • Board level Hardware design
  • EMI/EMC Design Guidelines
  • Low level Driver Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Firmware Architecting – Layered software architecture
  • Embedded Application development
  • Embedded Software and System Testing

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3. Application Development

  • PC based software development including USB driver development for windows
  • Matlab based algorithm design & GUI design
  • Simulink model development & validation
  • Labview based Data acquisition system design
  • Application migration across platforms
  • Reverse Engineering