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CAN Transceiver – Isolated

CAN Transceiver – Isolated

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CAN Transceiver – Isolated- Version 1
CAN Transceiver – Isolated- Version 2

This is a Isolated CAN Transceiver Module in form of PCB.
This can be used to connect any microcontroller or system which has a CAN Controller to the CAN network.
It has inbuilt Isolated power supply block.
It provides >500V Galvanic Isolation between CAN connection and CAN Controller.
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→ Based on ADM3053 Chip
→ Power Supply Input – 5V
→ Galvanic Isolation – >500V
→ Inbuilt DC DC Converter
→ Slope Resistor Rs for Slew Rate adjustment
→ Supports baud rate upto 1MBPS

→ CAN Transceiver module in form of PCB